• Pumpkin Power Muffins | Delicious, Easy, Gluten-free
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    Pumpkin Power! Easy Gluten-Free Muffins to Energize Your Fall

    Have you seen the Pumpkin Spice ads yet? Lattes, coffee creamers, nail polish (not kidding). While some new pumpkin spice products are questionable, I know Pumpkin Muffins are a winner. It’s not quite fall, but I’m already seeing Pumpkin Spice everything. Advertised in coffee shops and stores, pumpkin spice is like a retail cue of the fall season. Honestly, I think Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or “PSLs” if you’re a cool kid) are kind of disgusting-tasting, even though I love pumpkin. 😝 And, if you’re trying to reduce sugar intake, PSLs are something you might not want to drink. Pumpkin itself, spiced or not, is an amazing vegetable packed with nutrition…

  • No-Bake Cookies the Easy Way | GF, Dairy-free, under 30 minutes
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    No-Bake Cookies – The Easy Way

    Want delicious, chocolatey, gluten and refined sugar-free no-bake cookies in 30 minutes? Me, too. Problem: Hot Day at Home & No Ice Cream It was 100’F outside yesterday afternoon, and my kids had a hankering for a cold treat. They were horrified to find out that we were totally out of any kind of ice cream, ice cream bars, popsicles – even our fresh fruit was room temperature! Solution: 30-Minute No-Bake Cookies Yes, you can have super chocolatey, peanut buttery cookies without using the oven or stovetop. What makes this recipe work The fat is solid at room temperature. You can use any fat – coconut oil, butter, lard –…