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    Healthy Not Healthy 4 – How Society Promotes Disordered Eating

    How We – Women, Culture – Justify and Promote Disordered Eating If you’re new to the “Healthy Not Healthy” series, here’s a two-sentence summary: I just finished two of years of extremes: stress, exercising, and undereating; which resulted in hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) (among other things). The “Healthy Not Healthy” (HNH) series discusses the how and why of HA, as well as my mental and physical recovery. If you want to read the previous three posts, they are: HNH1 – An Introduction HNH2 – What Happened? HNH3 – Diagnosis Quick Diagnosis Update: I got my bloodwork back from the OBGYN, which confirmed that I do not have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).…

  • 5 Affirmations for Healthy Eating
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    Your Body is a Temple – 5 Mantras for a Healthy Eating Mindset

    Negative thinking and self-doubt are easy to fall into when trying to change your health for the better. However, beating yourself up over a mistake or being self-critical is counter-productive (not to mention hurtful – to yourself!). As with most positive behavior changes, it can feel like a lot of work – or like it’s not working – at first, so it’s important to stay positive, motivated, and focused on the “why” of healthy living. There are countless affirmations (or positive statements that we will say to ourselves) for health, wealth, and other topics. I’m including my five favorite healthy eating ones here. Focusing on these encouraging ideas will help…